Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Girls available this weekend!!

Having a Bachelor Party and birthday party in Wisconsin? Well great! We can help. Our girls at www.WisconsinStrippers.com are ready for you. 1 girl, 2 girl, 2 girl fantasy show are available. Just bring your imagination and your dollars of course, and we'll take care of the rest. What to know what these girls are going to look like when they knock on your door. Of course you do. Simply click here and take a look around: http://www.wisconsinstrippers.com/gallery.htm.

Ladies, we have not forgot about you. Our Hunks are ready for you gals, as well. Bachelorette parties are our speciality. Click on the same link and scroll down: http://www.wisconsinstrippers.com/gallery.htm.

If you want fast answers then call our 24 hour toll free number: 888-947-8747. We'll let you know about prices and availability.

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